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About a year ago, I woke up. I woke up to the fact that the only part of me I was putting attention (and intention) on was my professional self. I felt valuable and successful with my work and fed that version of me with passion and intensity, largely ignoring the rest. I did what most workaholics tend to do – I dug my heels in, made excuses, ignored the warning signs, and hoped that I could continue speeding down the highway of life at 150mph with only one good tire and no gas. After two hospital visits, pneumonia, and a bunch of juicy life lessons, I finally cracked open and heard what I was meant to hear all along...

In order to feel different, I had to do something different.

In order to feel whole, I had to feed My Whole Human.

What's to come...

Over the past few months we have been slowly introducing this new concept, a new way to connect, and a new way to learn. While certain circumstances in the universe forced us to change, we didn't bat an eye and kept pushing in the only direction we knew how: forward. NOW...we look to the future. Just like the motto we serve to represent; we evolve. The Whole Human is set out to become a place, a platform, a community where you can come and learn...one notch at a time. So we invite you to join us on this journey.

Coming Soon...

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